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Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms Targeting Predominantly Black Counties In Metro Atlanta Hurting Current Renters and Potential Homebuyers

As potential homebuyers were busy placing bids and sending love letters to homeowners, Georgia resident Carlotta Harrell knew It was time to take advantage of a seller’s market and downsize.

In 2021, Harrell, who serves as the chair of the Henry County Commission, listed her home for sale and immediately began receiving offers. While some bids were from traditional homebuyers, most were from investors who wanted to purchase the property and then convert it to a rental property.

“I refused to s

"We Can be a Hub for Emerging Talent': Entrepreneur Breaks Ground on Creative Co-Working Space in Southwest Atlanta

A former school building in Southwest Atlanta is being converted into a production hub to serve creatives connected to the film and television industry. The multi-phase project is slated to cost an estimated $30 million, with construction to begin in January 2023. The first phase is set to be completed in late spring.

“Everyone loves the culture of Atlanta,” Jay Jackson founder of RYSE tells Finurah. “When you come the talent is fragmented. We wanted to create a hub that will curate a space the

How One Organization is Helping Black Americans Without a Bachelor's Degree Achieve Corporate Success

‘From a Standpoint of Equity and Inclusion, Skills First is Really Powerful’: CEO of Organization Dedicated to Assisting Black Americans Without a Bachelor’s Degree Achieve Corporate Success Outlines His Vision for Overcoming the Education Barrier

The American Dream is simple: go to college, get a good job, get married, purchase a home and start your family. Yet, for the 76 percent of Black Americans who have not earned a college degree, the ability to achieve the American Dream does not always

Nonprofit Organization Bringing Sustainable and Affordable Homes Built from Recycled Shipping Containers to Miami Residents Priced Out of the Market

A recent report from Realty Hop reveals that Miami is the most unaffordable housing market in the United States. A local organization committed to the green economy, sustainability, and home ownership has a solution to support low- to moderate-income homebuyers.

“We are doing our part so that people can stay in areas where they have generations of legacy,” Dr. Pandwe Gibson, founder of Ecotech Visions Foundation, told Finurah. “Everyone deserves affordable housing and healthy environments near

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